Before you submit your application, please read the overview and the FAQ pages.

Be sure to answer each question thoroughly and clearly.
Please follow the explicit directions for submitting your writing sample. If you do not, your application will be disqualified.

Full name *
Full name
Please include the full name you'd like to be referred to as.
Don't worry. You don't have to have a website, but if you do, include it here.
How many times have you applied to The Heart of It before this? *
Think of this as your introduction. Let us get to know you!
Be clear! No need to be poetic, just let us know what kind of writing you do, what you write about, what story are you telling, do you have a regular practice, how's your relationship with your writing, etc.
Are you in a writing program? Do you attend a community workshop? Do you facilitate any community writing spaces? Were you in a community and you aren't anymore? Have you always written alone?
Some examples: cisgender, working class, bisexual, living in rural America, disabled or able bodied, Black, indigenous, college educated or not, etc. (we ask this question because it helps us understand you and your needs better, and we do take it into consideration in the selection process).
If so, which ones and when?
Would you like to lead a 60-90 minute workshop during THOI? *
Your answer to this won't effect your application. We'll only take it into consideration once you've been accepted.
At THOI, our workshops and meals are communal. You will have plenty of downtime (both scheduled and always the option to opt our of anything), but you will also have high levels of interaction with other people. Please tell us a bit about how you feel about sharing physical space.
Put your writing in ONE SINGLE google doc, and share the link here. Make sure the document is public and visible. If you would like, you can also include a link to a performance or recording in your google doc. If this step isn't followed correctly, it could cause your application to be disqualified